How To: Properly notarize your documents through a legal notary

Properly notarize your documents through a legal notary

Sometimes--no matter how much you may want to avoid any trouble--you just have to swallow it up and do it the smart way. Notarizing your documents helps you avoid fraud.

It really isn't difficult, you just need: money (around ten dollars), an ID, someone to notarize your document, and the document itself. If you don't have identification, bring a credible witness to give testimony to your identity. Bringing a friend doesn't hurt, anyway.

When you visit the notary, remember to add your signature to the document and ask for a notarial certificate, which the notary will give you. The notary will record the event in a journal and fill out the notarial certificate. That's all! It's not really that hard. Notaries are everywhere.

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