How To: Get your FBI file

Get your FBI file

Thanks to the Freedom of Information and Privacy acts, we're all entitled to see what the FBI has on us. Learn how to get your hands on your FBI file.

You Will Need:

* Paper and pen
* A notary public

Step 1: Make contact
Make contact. The FBI website provides form letters which you can download and complete, or you can write your own letter.

Step 2: State your rights
If you are writing your own letter, begin by stating your right to the file via the Freedom of Information and Privacy acts.
*Tip: In order to get all the information available, be sure to cite both acts in your request, as each act covers different areas.

Step 3: Provide personal information
Next, include the following personal information: full name, aliases, current address, previous addresses, date of birth, place of birth, contact phone numbers, and social security number.

Step 4: Get it notarized
Sign the letter and have your signature notarized—this is very important!

Step 5: Mail
Mail the letter to: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Record Information/Dissemination Section, 170 Marcel Drive, Winchester, VA 22602-4843

Step 6: Be patient
Be patient! It takes several weeks for your letter to go through security checks and be passed along to the FBI.

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