How To: Avoid intimidation by a police officer

Avoid intimidation by a police officer

How to avoid being tricked by police into consenting to a search. First rule, do not consent to any searches. From BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters.

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only problem i see with refusing the search if he asks, worst case he calls in a drug dog, and then "false alerts" then your screwed, best thing is not carry more drugs than you could eat, or something,

i would love if the world worked this way, the cop getting punked by someone that knows the rights, but the trick is we dont have rights. just privileges tempory privileges that they will take away from you when it suits there needs.

you say no.
cop says you "attacked" him. beats you in the face. shoves stick in your ass.
searches anyway.
Now it's gonna hurt really bad when you #$%@ out the drugs you swallowed.
best thing to do is RUN.

1st make sure any and everything that an officer says to you is in front of his vehicle, the on dash camera is on file for six days. All police vehicles have cameras that record sound out side the vehicle for this reason. Do not let them lead you away from the vehicle to the side. Its a trick they are leading you away from the evidence that supports your case. If you know that you have not did anything wrong call in 911 immediately. Explain the situation and ask for another officer. Do not hang up, put your phone on speaker (more evidence) and wait for the additional police officer. Now you have a recording on the police camera, a 911 voice recording and an additional cop that would have to vouch for the first cop searching your vehicle without permission. If you had to go to this extent, more than likely the officer would release you because they did not have a reason to harass you in the first place. Lastly, file a complaint. If this officer was willing to give you a criminal record you should cordially return the favor with a complaint record, which will lower his chances for promotion, raises and will hopefully encourage him to respect a citizens civil rights.


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